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Your corporate legends, and other stories never told….


“Tell your Uber story!” That has become one of the rally cries I hear whenever I gather with a group of people who know me well. And I have to admit that it never gets old, and like most good tales, it gets better with age. My Uber story maybe wouldn’t be appropriate to tell during a keynote address…and it should never be consumed on a full bladder. It’s a phenomenal story because it’s true, and because it is classic “Jenny.” If you’d never met me, upon hearing my Uber story you would know enough about me to determine whether or not we could be friends.

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How to stop washing your hair…and other habits to change.

About seven years ago, I succumbed to the reality that my destiny was to be bald. I had vowed never to be guilty of doing a “comb-over,” and sometime before a comb-over would present itself as an option, I shaved my head.


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Growth Mindset in business….and beyond.

Like most of you, I wear many hats during the day – parenting  a high schooler, coaching  nonprofit staffs and boards, blogger,and  community volunteer – and a few months ago I began noticing that the phrase “growth mindset” was popping up in virtually all of my communities/circles. I then attended a retreat in April on  “Being Brave” and got a crash course in “Growth Mindset.” I was hooked. I ordered Carol Dweck’s book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success through the Amazon app, right from my chair in the retreat center.

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Coke’s Big Branding Mistake or Greatest Branding Accomplishment?

In April of 1985, Coca Cola made the biggest mistake in the history of product marketing when it changed the top-secret recipe of Coke.

Or was it exactly the opposite, the most brilliant branding maneuver in history?

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The Power of Story

“’We like you Jim. You’ve got guts.’”

“So said the man in the passenger seat holding a six-pack of beer in what must have been a 1972 Plymouth Duster. The driver, his cousin it turned out, was driving on this hot summer night with his shirt wide open, and thankfully was NOT holding a beer. This made me feel slightly better as I dared not betray one of the few pieces of hitch hiker etiquette that I knew, which is that you NEVER fasten your seat belt. But that didn’t change the fact that it was going to be a long, scary night.”


You’re hooked. You want to hear the rest of that story, right?

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