It was a partnership long before it was a business. In June of 1991, Jim and Jenny Cudahy became life partners. It took 25 years for them to become business partners.

Jim launched a successful career in marketing and communications, providing senior-level marketing and P.R. counsel within or alongside associations such as CFA Institute, the CAIA Association, the Society of Human Resource Management, and others. Ultimately he would rise to become CEO at the National Court Reporters Association and the National Investor Relations Institute where he demonstrated proclivity to advance large, strategic-level initiatives, but his heart never strayed far from marketing and communications.

Jenny has spent many years in ministry and non-profit leadership, and has a penchant for leading organizations through strategic visioning, then creating systems to support that vision. She is a skilled facilitator and knows how to structure board retreats that deepen trust, recharge and redirect the group’s energy, and clarifies priorities. She also knows firsthand the power of an engaged volunteer base, and has a proven track record with volunteer recruitment, retention, and motivation.

Both Jim and Jenny are unapologetic storytellers. You can ask Sean, Ryan, or Dylan Cudahy who put the “SRD” into the business.

Which one is the boss? We’ll let you decide…Connect with them here.