1. Know what your story is and be ready to tell it.
Pick the topics that are important to you and be relentless in playing a role in associated conversations.

2. Do a survey. Find an interesting topic, survey your members or stakeholders, and use the results to capture media attention.

3. Invest time and money to develop your media list.

4. Leverage social media. Follow the journalists whose interest you covet. Tweet at them. Know your allies and your adversaries…both present opportunities. Be part of the discussion.

5. Pmicsick your spokespeople. Identify the internal and external experts you want talking with the media.

6. Have a Plan.
Much of getting media attention is spontaneous, so you have to be ready with a plan. (We can help!) Spokespeople, your story (key messages), tactics you’re willing to employ (i.e. surveys). Have it ready go so that…

7. When opportunities arise, seize them. Sometimes you only get a small window in which to maneuver. You have to be ready.